Venice has a particular soul of its own, on one hand visible and on the other secretive, profound, and authentic.

We would be pleased to put you in touch with the best tour operators, accompanying person or guide to enable you to reach out and touch the heart of Venice. Here a few of the services available:

  • Taxi reservation and assistance in the organization of your excursions or outings
  • Accompanied transfer to and from the Marco Polo Airport and the St. Lucia train stations
  • Lunch and diner reservations in the best restaurants of Venice
  • Tour of the typical small restaurants, bars and shops
  • Experience through tasting, the delicate marriage between wine and food
  • Aperitif and diner in popular and evocative locations
  • Tour of the Venetian laguna with stops in the modern or historic sites
  • Tour of the infamous production of Murano glass, from creation to decoration, with the greatest masters of the island of glass production
  • Discovery tour of less known and the most authentic traditional craftsmanship of Venice
  • Tour with a professional photographer: improve your photographic abilities – even with a simple smart phone – for unforgettable memories
  • Exclusive Venetian cooking lessons in a private house
  • Excursions in the hills where prosecco or Valpolicella are produced, or in the spectacular Dolomites or through the vineyards of Carso
  • Shopping assistant
  • Experience tailor made

Please contact us to discuss how our experts can address your specific needs.